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CMP distributes the design rules for each technology and the standard cell libraries for each specific software tool (design kits).
CMP handles about 40 different design kits, corresponding to the different technologies for different CAD tools.
They are sent to customers upon signature of a Confidentiality and License Agreement.
Almost all of them are sent free of charge.

List of the available design kits

Most of the following design kits are distributed free of charge by CMP.
They are delivered after signature of a "Confidentiality and Licence Agreement" and on condition that the designs are submitted to CMP for fabrication.
When a new release is issued, people who already received the kit will be informed of this new release so that they only have to ask it to CMP. No contractual support is due but CMP will do his best to support the customers as much as possible.
The following table always includes the last releases as well as future releases when they are known.

Procedure for requesting design kits or documentations

To receive the Confidentiality Agreements and/or design kit (cell library interfaced with a specific CAD software) or documentation distributed by CMP, fill in the form below.

Then CMP will send you the Confidentiality and Licence Agreement and next the Design Kit/Documentation, normally within one month (time for the agreements to be approved and for the export licence, necessary for non EC countries).

Design kits are delivered by CMP free of charge, provided that the designed circuits are fabricated through CMP runs, as stipulated in the Confidentiality and Licence Agreement to be signed first. Please be careful to return TWO original forms of the Confidentiality Agreements.

Design Kit Support Center

A new interface, dedicated to technical support, is now available on a secure web site. Several support levels are addressed (e.g. installation issues, use of the technology files or libraries, design-flow, etc.) through different tickets.

Design-Kit Request

Design Kit Support


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