CAD, Design and Test Conference


Aim of the Conference

This Conference will bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners involved in the development of CAD tools and design methodologies for MEMS and MOEMS. The participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the other Conference by the means of plenary invited talks.

Conference Chair: S. CRARY, The University of Michigan, USA

Conference Co-Chair: J.M. KARAM, MEMSCAP, France

Programme Committee

J. DENATALE, Rockwell Science Center, Thousand Oaks, USA
H-P. TRAH, Robert Bosch, Reutlingen, Germany
A. NORD, SensoNor, Horten, Norway
F. PRESSECQ, CNES, Toulouse, France
A. CAO, Mentor Graphics, San Jose, USA
S. BLANTON, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
M. RENCZ, TU of Budapest, Hungary
P. OHLCKERS, DAVIS A/S, Drammen, Norway
J.R. GILBERT, Microcosm, Cambridge, USA
F. MASEEH, IntelliSense, Walmington, USA
S. BROWN, Failure Analysis Associates, Framingham, USA
G. WACHUTKA, TU München, Germany
J.K. WHITE, MIT, Cambridge, USA
V. KEMPE, AMS, Unterpremstatten, Austria
B. DYNE, Tanner Research, Pasadena, USA
R. ROOP, Motorola, Phoenix, USA
D. BEERNAERT, Commission of the European Communities

List of Posters


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