Barcelona, Spain
16-18 April 2013

Design, Test, Integration
& Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS

Paper Presentation

Oral presentations are 20 minutes for a regular paper. Please restrict your presentation to 15 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions.

Instructions for speakers
Quick checklist:

- Get a PowerPoint template and prepare your slides according to the guidelines. All slides must use landscape format.
- Upload your presentation here until 10 April 2013: Name your files as follows: sessionX_lastname.ppt/pdf for the presentation for example: sessionC1_courtois.ppt
- Send a short biography of the speaker to the local committee. Please set the subject of your e-mail to sessionX_lastname for example: sessionC1_courtois_bio.ppt.
- At least half a day before your talk check your presentation on site in the conference room during the coffee break or lunch pause and contact the session chair to confirm your presence.

In case of problem, please contact Chantal Bénis-Morel or Bernard Courtois

Instructions for Session Chairs
Quick checklist:
At least half a day before the session contact the registration desk to check that all your session presentations have been uploaded and to get the presenter biographies.
During the coffee break or lunch pause before your session check presence of all speakers.

The main task of a session chair is to run the session. All speakers have been advised to get in contact with you before the session - please check that all of them are present before your session starts. Within your session, please introduce the speakers and keep track of the time limits (indicate to the speaker when it is time to stop). Please also manage the question and answer procedure after each talk (long dialogues have to be done off-line).

Some sort of coordination with us is necessary before the Symposium, to make sure that we can prepare adequately. Problems arising at large Conferences, putting the author and the audience in deep trouble.