Barcelona, Spain
16-18 April 2013

Design, Test, Integration
& Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS

dtip10Plenary invited speakers



flecheDiana STRICKLAND from Southwest Research Institute, San Antionio, TX

Metamaterials: Challenges and Opportunities

The field of metamaterials is only a dozen years old, yet the discovery of new phenomena and applications within the field are burgeoning: lenses that focus subdiffractive images with infinite depth of focus, materials through which acoustic or electromagnetic waves travel “backward,” invisibility cloaks, materials through which electromagnetic waves “tunnel”, materials with macroscopic quantum effects, “perfect” absorbers, exquisitely sensitive detectors and sensors, plasmonic catalysts, materials with diamagnetic response at visible frequencies, chiral sensors, and acoustics devices are a few examples, with the promise of many more in the future. The field has impressive growth potential, but problems in fabricating the materials inhibit the development of both applications and the fundamental science. In this talk the state of the art of the Metamaterials field is discussed, highlighting the present nano- and microfabrication approaches and outlining both outstanding challenges and opportunities.

flecheIsao SHIMOYAMA from the University of Tokyo

MEMS Tactile Sensors for Robots

Micro-cantilevers and double-supported micro-beams with piezo-resistors provide sensitive force measurement. The cantilevers/beams embedded in organic material like epoxy become tiny tactile sensors which measure not only normal force but also shear force. The fabrication process and the performance of the sensors are shown in this report. Finally, the sensor is applied to a robotic hand.