1-3 June 2005 - Hôtel Eden au Lac - Montreux, Switzerland.
Invited Talk

  Micro/Nanomechanical Instrumentations for Nanoengineering

Takahito Ono, Tohoku University, Japan.
Miniaturized microtools based on recent nano/micromachining technology increase its importance in nanoscale science and engineering. Micro/nano probes for nanometric sensing and processing, including multi probes for scientific measurement and data storage, near-field optical probe with tweezers, ultra-sensitive mass and force sensors will be presented.

  MicroFluidic Cell Manipulation and Modification Devices

Philippe Renaud, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.
This paper presents recent developments in BioMEMS for flow cytometry. Biological cells flowing into microfulidic channels can be manipulated, analysed and modified by electrical field that are applied in micro-electrodes. Dielectrophoresis (DEP) forces is be used to filter, separate or trap cells. Single cell analysis is preformed by electrical impedance spectroscopy by comparing impedance spectra (real and imaginary part) at different frequencies. High electrical field in micro-channels can also be used to perform electroporation at the single cell level.

  Microsystems for light processing

Harald Schenks, FhZ Inst. Photonic Microsystems, Dresden, Germany.
Light and electricity are said to be all purpose tools for the next decades. Photonic Microsystems combine these tools in an ideal manner. From scanning to wave-front correction various applications, their respective MEMS devices and the challenges for fabrication and packaging are presented and discussed.
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