1-3 June 2005 - Hôtel Eden au Lac - Montreux, Switzerland.
Exhibition and Demonstrations

The Symposium will feature an exhibition along the 3 days of the Conferences.

Exhibition Information Letter

At the time of printing this programme a few exhibitors have already booked a stand.

EV Group is a global supplier of wafer bonders, aligners, photoresist coaters, cleaners and inspection systems for semiconductor, MEMS and emerging nanotechnology markets. EV Group holds the dominant share of the market for wafer bonding equipment (especially SOI bonding) and is a leader in lithography for advanced packaging, MEMS and nanotechnology.
Measuring MEMS in Motion
Polytec presents cutting-edge optical measurement instrumentation for the fast and precise 3-D dynamic characterization of MEMS and MOEMS. Come and see how superior measurement technology can contribute to enhanced reliability of MEMS devices and reduced costs of development and production.
CMP is one of the most experienced brokers in ICs and MEMS. MEMS processes available for prototyping and small volume production include CMOS, BiCMOS and GaAs bulk micromachining based on austriamicrosystems and OMMIC processes and “MUMPS” from MEMSCAP (PolyMUMPS, SOIMUMPS, and MetalMUMPS). CMP provides design kits, CAD tools and packaging services.
"Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture" (PATENT-DfMM) is a Network of Excellence that aims to provide European industry with support in the field of "Design for Micro and Nano Manufacture (DfMM)".
MINAEAST-NET is a Network that prepares the participation of organizations from Eastern Countries for EC projects in the area of Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT).
The company provides measurement and simulation tools and services for the thermal and electro-thermal investigation and design of microelectronic systems, e.g. ICs, packages, MEMS, PWBs and MCMs.
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