12-14 May 2004 - Hôtel Eden au Lac - Montreux, Switzerland.
Social Event Programme
17:30 Bus departure to Broc
18:15-19:00 Discovery of the Swiss chocolate world
19:00 Bus departure to Gruyères
19:30 Typical diner at "Le Chalet" Restaurant in Gruyères
22:00 Bus departure to the Hotel Eden au Lac

Approximately 45 min. of visit welcomes you in the fascinating universe of the chocolate. Discover a multitude of enthralling information on the cocoa and the chocolate, for any knowledge (or almost) on this world of softness and pleasure!
Discover the chocolate world of the Cailler manufacturing, the most beautiful Swiss chocolate; starting with a film, getting an insight into the treatment of the raw material and the crucial production steps and finishing in learning about the basics of tasting Cailler assortment chocolates.

Chocolate factory: discover the first-ever chocolate factory at Broc, home of the market leading Swiss chocolate brand, Cailler. Founded in 1819, Cailler is the worlds'first chocolate manufacturing company.
Today, you will find the factory still located in the same picture postcard setting, amidst green pastures and a dramatic backdrop of Swiss mountains, an amazing view; Your can even watch the cows that provide milk for the famous chocolates graze freely all around the factory. Indeed, it is the fresh milk and the continued use of original recipes developed by François-Louis Cailler which give Cailler chocolates that outstanding taste and creamy smoothness.

Diner at "Le Chalet" Restaurant in Gruyères: a delightful meeting place in a historical town, with a loft full of hidden treasures.

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