Instructions for Poster Presentations
    Posters Information
All posters will be introduced by one slide in 5 minutes each.

The posters will be removed by the end of the Symposium.

    Poster material

Your poster area can be 1500 x 950 mm (height x width). Please display the title of your poster with 40 mm high printed capital letters at the top of the poster area.
Your poster material should be attached on the surface with tape. Poster mounting materials will be available at the poster service desk. Do not use pins.

1500 mm
950 mm
    Text layout

Give a short and comprehensive review of the basic items of your study. This can be done by dividing your text into several but clearly delineated paragraphs. Remember that it is easy to start reading a paragraph of six lines, but most people avoid one with 30 !
Please use letter-heights and figure sizes appropriate to read the poster from a distance of 1 m.

    Illustration layout

Drawings, diagrams and photos are extremely helpful and often necessary to display results and conclusions. Make sure that your illustrations are easy to understand - do not overload any chart or drawing with information.

We are looking forward to your poster presentation at the DTIP 2004 Symposium.

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