The Symposium will feature a technical exhibition and a book exhibition along the 3 days of the Conferences.
The current list of exhibitions is a follows:

High accuracy direct write laser lithography equipment for wafer and mask making with sub micron structure size and resolution. The systems include automatic precision alignment for direct write applications and metrology capabilities. Laser ablation system for 3D laser ablation for fast prototyping and master generation.

The company provides measurement and simulation tools and services for the thermal and electro-thermal investigation and design of microelectronic systems, e.g. ICs, packages, MEMS, PWBs and MCMs.

CMP is one of the most experienced brokers in ICs, MCMs and MEMS. MEMS processes available for prototyping and small volume production include CMOS and GaAs bulk micromachining based on AMS and PML processes, surface micromachining.

MEMSCAP is a leading provider of solutions for the design, development and manufacturing of MEMS-based products. MEMSCAP proven solutions cover products and services for the wireless and optical communications market, high-end sensors for the medical and aerospace industries through its wholly owned subsidiary Capto, as well as design automation tools and foundry services.

TRONIC'S Microsystems is an experienced contract manufacturer of MEMS for high-end applications. It offers the design, development and volume production of sensors, optical and RF MEMS, microfluidic devices and precision microstructures using both surface and bulk micromachining as well as micropackaging and interconnection techniques.

EV Group (EVG) is a leading provider of the highest quality development and production systems for MEMS/MST and semiconductor market segments. The product range includes a full line of manual and automated wafer bonders for anodic, thermo-compression, SOI, and fusion bonding, front and backside mask aligners, bond aligners, and photoresist processing systems (spin/spray coaters, developers).

Coventor partners to develop innovative optical, wireless and biotechnology products made possible by MEMS. Coventor provides end-to-end software development environment, Design Services and Intellectual Properties building blocs. The combination of these solutions allows efficient time-to-market management for MEMS enabled systems development - from concept to full production.

Boston Micromachines Corporation is a world leader in the development of micro-mirror devices for biomedical, telecommunication and laser applications. BMC's pioneering technology has led to breakthrough products that are used in retinal imaging systems, LASIK corneal surgery systems, optical recognition/identification systems, and long-range laser communication systems.

Come see demonstrations of IntelliSuite's advanced simulation techniques for electrophoresis and electroosmosis as well as its other MEMS-specific modules. Corning IntelliSense assists customers with rapidly creating next-generation MEMS products via IntelliSuite, design consulting prototyping, and manufacturing services.

Fogale Nanotech is a reference in the field of accurate and fast dimensional metrology. The company strength is its ability to provide tailored-made solutions in Micro & Nano technologies. It proposes two optical interferometric profilers and vibrometers and an optical OCT-system for in-depth characterization of semiconductor technology.


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