The Symposium will feature an exhibition along the 3 days of the Conferences.
The exhibition will be open to all visitors (no registration to the Symposium) on 11 May 2000.
At the time of printing this programme a few exhibitors have already booked a stand:

CFDRC is a leading edge company developing numerical software for Computational Fluid Dynamics. They are now focusing on a new generation CAD tool (ACE+MEMS) for multi-disciplinary, multi-level and multi-scale design of MEMS including automated model generation from layout/process data, fluid-thermal-structures coupling, etc..
The company provides measurement and simulation tools and services for the thermal and electro-thermal investigation and design of microelectronic systems, e.g. ICs, packages, MEMS, PWBs and MCMs.
Microcosm Technologies, Inc. is the largest company in the world devoted specifically to software products and design and consulting services for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and microfluidics applications.
CMP is one of the most experienced brokers in ICs, MCMs and MEMS. MEMS processes available for prototyping and small volume production include CMOS and GaAs bulk micromachining based on AMS and PML processes, surface micromachining from CRONOS, DOE from CSEM.
Alcatel Vacuum Technology France and more specifically its Thin Film Systems Dept. is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing deep dry etching systems and processes to the Microsystems community. The Alcatel "A601E" is an ICP Plasma Etching tool used for dry micromachining of silicon and related materials found in MEMS/MOEMS fabrication.
MEMScAP is the worldwide market leader in MEMS Design Systems. MEMScAP proven solutions cover component libraries (IP), design tools, design methodologies and related services that are used in conjunction with conventional EDA tools. MEMScAP offering includes VULCAIN and MEMS Pro along with multiple foundry-specific modules.
The Thin Film Group of Jobin-Yvon introduces the Sofie twin Spot Interferometric camera for endpoint control using laser Interferometry. The twin spot camera allows the user to endpoint large features and perform deep trench endpoint and etch rate measurements.
PHS is a leading expert in the MEMS market since 1995, offering a comprehensive service from product design to volume manufacturing. PHS' full range of processes including bulk micromachining, surface micromachining and planar technology provides MEMS capabilities for various market applications: RF communications, RFID, optical switching, data storage, security and authentication, magnetic sensing.
TRONIC'S Microsystems is a European leading manufacturer of MEMS with surface and bulk micromachining technologies on Si and SOI. The company develops and industrialises MEMS in close partnership with its customers. Created in May 1997, TRONIC'S Microsystems has built up a strong experience and expertise in the production of MEMS.
IntelliSense provides total MEMS solution combining MEMS design tools, development engineering with software design services and specialized MEMS manufacturing within one company.
EUROPRACTICE is an EC initiative aimed at stimulating wider exploitation of state-of-the-art microtechnologies by European industry. EUROPRACTICE, trough 26 Service Providers, offer users cost effective and flexible means of accessing to: microsystems technology, training, integrated circuits and high density packaging.

Information on how to exhibit is available from the Symposium Chair.
Stands will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.